Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Knit Meggie's Cape?

Why, indeed? I first heard about this 12-month long Irish Cape project on one of the many Yahoo knitting groups I belong to (it's all Katt's fault!) and thought it sounded like a fun challenge. But to commit to knitting 4500 yards of yarn? And a year of knitting? Then I joined the Ravelry forum where the Cape (and yes, it needs to be a capital "C") originated and "met" the Ryan clan. The group embraces all, and the sense of family in the posts is amazing, whether you're a Ryan or not by blood, whether you've been there since the inception of the group or you've just arrived Suddenly, this wasn't just a fun challenge any more, it was an historical record of a life that I *had* to be part of. So now I'm honorary Ryan, honorary Irish, and a part of something that may very well change the knitting world forever.....

I haven't gotten very far with the pattern yet (trying to finish my dd's valentine socks before I let myself get completely immersed in the Cape journey), but I have knit the first few repeats of the Cape's hood facling. The touching heart cables that Meggie designed to represent herself and her twin seem to actually beat with the rhythm of the knitting. Meggie, please know that while this Cape will stay with me, there are many prayers tied up in the knitting of it for you and yours..... many hugs and thanks for sharing yourself with all of us in this wonderful, wonderful heirloom you're creating and giving so generously!

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